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Plastic Pollution Education & Ocean Conservation Camp

The Plastic Pollution Education and Ocean Conservation Camp is a tuition free, intensive summer program that takes students on a holistic journey from the problem with plastic to solutions to this environmental crisis. This camp, which is the first of its kind for The Bahamas, empowers students to become environmental leaders and tackle the issue of plastic pollution using a dynamic, creative and hands on approach. Our unique method of encompassing science, technology, engineering, art, math (STEAM) and community engagement lends to the success of our program as we enter our fourth consecutive year. Working predominantly in South Eleuthera, Bahamas, our main program is targeted towards youth, ages 9-15 years old. In addition to our main program, we aim to host satellite plastic camps with partner organizations on other islands of The Bahamas. Throughout the course of the camp, students  cover a range of topics from marine science, oceanography, scientific research, beach debris removal, engineering, consumerism, plastic pollution, ocean conservation, art and media production, and youth activism.

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