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We envision a Bahamas where an engaged public has created a nation free of plastic debris.


Plastic! It's a gift and a curse. Its design, versatility and durability adds convenience to our lives, however its ingenious design makes it an inconvenience to our environment. Currently plastic is the most used material by volume used for industrial and commercial purposes. Unfortunately this everyday material has made it’s way into almost every environment, from terrestrial to the open sea and even the most remote shorelines around the world. An estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic pollute the worlds oceans today.

The massiveness of the issue makes for a very difficult task to “just cleanup,” since much of the plastic pollution found in the oceans is dominated by small fragments of plastic. To address the issue of plastic pollution, awareness must be raised on its effects, especially in The Bahamas as our country highly susceptible to severe marine debris accumulations on our shorelines. Making smart lifestyle changes in regards to plastic materials such as single use items can make a huge difference. Check out this infographic to learn how to move away from plastic dependency.

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