Bahamas Plastic Movement is an independent non-profit organization funded solely through donations, subsidies and grants. We have set high standards for creating innovative ways to transform society’s use of single use plastic into sustainable choices benefiting not only us, but also the environment we so depend on. With much to be done, your contribution brings us one step closer to a plastic free nation.


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Eleuthera, Bahamas

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Send us an email. If you have a question or encounter any issues, we will be happy to help.  

The Bahamas Plastic Movement is a nonprofit environmental organization committed to raising awareness and finding solutions to plastic pollution locally in The Bahamas and globally

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We are a small team working from The Beautiful Bahamas and we would love to hear from you. To keep up with all things BPM and to receive the latest in plastic pollution news, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Eleuthera, Bahamas


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